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جزئیات برنامه Program Details

Free Papers 1

Venue:Hall 2
Seyed Javad Hashemian, MD
Hamidreza Pourreza, PhD
Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi, MD
Parvin Shokrollahi, PhD
Hamid Reza Soleimanpour, PhD

09:00 - 09:06  A Promising Biomaterial for Cornea Application   Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi, MD
  Sara Shafiei, PhD
09:09 - 09:15  Agreement Among Simulated Keratometric Astigmatism and Total Corneal Astigmatism Measured by Vector Summation and Ray Tracing Methods   Vahid Ownagh, MD
  Seyed Javad Hashemian, MD
09:18 - 09:24  A Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate Early Usefulness of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Bacterial Keratitis   Mohammad Soleimani, MD
  Siamak Zarei Ghanavati, MD
09:27 - 09:33  Evaluation of Corvis ST and Ocular Response Analyzer Indices Changes After Laser Refractive Surgery   Arash Omidtabrizi, MD
  Seyed Mohammad Ghoreishi, MD
09:36 - 09:42  Adiponectin Versus Bevacizumab in Decreasing Corneal Neovascularization   Azin Ashnagar, MD
  Mehran Zarei Ghanavati, MD
09:45 - 09:51  Normative Values and Contralateral Comparison of Anterior Chamber Parameters Measured by Pentacam and its Correlation with Corneal Biomechanical Factors in an Iranian Population   Kaveh Fadakar, MD
  Hossein Mohammad Rabei, MD
09:54 - 10:00  Corneal Densitometry and Endothelial Cell Count After Corneal Transplant by DALK Method: Melles Vs. Big-Bubble Technique   Seyed Mohammad Ghoreishi, MD
  Mohammad Reza Jafarinasab, MD
10:03 - 10:09  Mixed Platelet-Rich Plasma Eye Drops for the Treatment of Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defects   Sahar Balagholi, PhD
  Hosein Movahedan, MD
10:12 - 10:18  Comparison of Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma With Autologous Serum Eye Drop in Corneal Epithelial Disorders   Fatemeh Irandoust, MD
  Hosein Movahedan, MD
10:21 - 10:27  Comparison of Corneal Keratocytes Before and After Corneal Collagen Crosslinking in Keratoconus Patients   BentolHoda Khallaghi, MD
  Mohammad Mehdi Sadoughi, MD

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